Stemming the Tide: A Short Horror Story

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
0 hours 18 minutes
'Stemming the Tide' is a short horror story by Simon Strantzas, one of 35 entries in the audio anthology Come Join Us by the Fire.

The tide at Hopewell Rocks comes in every six hours and thirteen minutes. Sometimes, it brings the dead with it.

Come Join Us by the Fire, edited by Theresa DeLucci, is an audio-only horror anthology of 35 short stories from Nightfire Books, a horror imprint of Tor Books. The collection showcases the breadth of talent writing in the horror genre today, with contributions from a wide range of bestselling genre luminaries including China MiƩville, Chuck Wendig, Richard Kadrey, and Victor LaValle; Shirley Jackson Award winners Paul Tremblay, Priya Sharma, and Sam J. Miller; Nebula Award winners Brooke Bolander, Alyssa Wong, Kij Johnson; and many, many more.
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