Stone Cold

Written by:
David Baldacci
Narrated by:
Ron McLarty

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2007
10 hours 30 minutes
In this #1 New York Times bestseller of conspiracy and murder, the Camel Club faces their greatest threat yet: a casino king and a stone-cold killer who are determined to bury the truth.

Oliver Stone, the leader of the mysterious group that calls itself the Camel Club, is both feared and respected. Keeping a vigilant watch over our leaders in Washington D.C., the club has won over some allies, but it has also made some formidable enemies.

Annabelle Conroy, an honorary member of the Camel Club, is the greatest con artist of her generation. As an old, powerful mark hunts her down and the Camel Club tries to protect her, a new opponent suddenly arises.

One by one, men from Stone's shadowy past turn up dead. Behind this slaughter stands one man: Harry Finn. To almost all who know him, he's a loving father and husband who uses his skills to keep America safe. But Finn is also an unstoppable killer who now sets his lethal bull's-eye on Oliver Stone. And with Harry Finn, Stone may well have met his match.
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Mario D

Very captivating. Characters are very well thought and different types of languages depicted were spot on.

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The audio book kept me riveted and wanting to know what happened next!

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Stephanie M.

Patricia A V, I couldn’t have said it better! Davis Baldacci is a brilliant author with a captivating style that never fails to satisfy. His books are the kind one can read over and over, and still be just as engrossed!

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Patricia A V.

Stone Cold was a fine addition to the Camel Club series and fantastic to hear read by Ron McLarty. The numerous characters, locations and separate plot lines were artfully drawn by the author. The narrator made all of it easy to follow and kept me engaged from start to finish. The ups and downs of this story make for a great read/listen. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. David Baldacci and the Camel Club rock!

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