The Story of Your Home: A Room-By-Room Guide to Designing with Purpose and Personality

Written by:
Courtney Warren
Narrated by:
Emma Faye

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
5 hours 32 minutes
A Practical Guide to Decorating Your Home with Purpose and Personality

Full of practical action items, The Story of Your Home is your room-by-room guide to creating a home that reflects the personality and purpose of the people who actually live there. So often the designs in magazines and on Pinterest just aren't quite . . . you. You want your home to tell your story, to function well for your family, to make your guests feel at home.

Our homes are where we create memories, build relationships, and find sanctuary. With the help of interior designer Courtney Warren and her DesignSense Quiz, you'll start by determining the heart behind your home and the story you want to tell through it. She'll guide you through your house, one room at a time, providing tools to stretch you beyond mere aesthetics to the true essence of how you live and what you want your home to say to the people who live in it and those you invite in. Each chapter ends with a section tackling the most asked about design topics.
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