The Strength of His Hand

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2007
11 hours 29 minutes
Three-time Christy Award winner Lynn Austin returns to the Old Testament in The Strength of His Hands. She continues her uplifting series with the reign of King Hezekiah in Judah, who is noted for establishing a state that worshipped only one God, Yahweh. God has blessed Hezekiah-his kingdom is flourishing. The people are prospering and the city of Jerusalem is safe from invaders. But the king worries that his beloved wife may be barren. After all his hard work in preserving the faith and protecting the faithful, the thought that one of his pagan-worshiping nephews will become ruler is upsetting. But he suffers greater anguish when he stumbles upon the secrets of his queen. Austin skillfully conveys the weaknesses of human nature in this mesmerizing tale about the power of faith and redemption. Austin's Gods and Kings and Song of Redemption, are also available from Recorded Books.
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Kate Storjohann

Wow. This is the perfect conclusion to the story arc of Hezekiah and the people that surround him. It kept me on the edge of my seat while all the events unfolded. I LOVE this author and the narrator has done an incredible job bringing these amazing characters to life.

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