Stuff Mom Never Told You: The Feminist Past, Present, and Future

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
7 hours 35 minutes
This program offers an immersive audio experience, fully sound designed to enhance your enjoyment of Stuff Mom Never Told You. Listen out for the excited crowd of the Riggs vs King Battle of the Sexes tennis match and a cast of character's experiences through major feminist movements. Sit back and delight in the incredible audiobook experience that is Stuff Mom Never Told You. The program is read by the authors and Eunice Wong.

The concept of feminism has evolved and changed so much over the last few decades that it can be confusing for people to keep up. Luckily, Anney Reese and Samantha McVey break it all down every week on their popular iHeart podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You.

In this audiobook—their first—they explore the history, strategy, and emotion that went into several milestones and emergent issues of the recent feminist movement. Starting with Billie Jean King’s famous “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match, they also talk about the Civil Rights movement and the women who helped shape it; the disturbing prevalence of major backlogs in rape kit testing; how LGBTQ rights and women’s rights intersect; and how women have been critical to the advancement of disability rights, and more.

Written with a sharp tongue, an infectious curiosity, and a deeply empathetic voice, Reese and McVey show the true breadth of what feminism can stand for, what it can achieve, and whom it can help lift up.

A Macmillan Audio production from Flatiron Books.
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