The Sun Also Rises

Written by:
Ernest Hemingway
Narrated by:
Michael Gandolfini

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
8 hours 3 minutes
Hemingway’s brilliant first novel is a poignant tale of love, loss, and the power to endure.

In his unforgettable first novel, Hemingway artfully illuminates the plight of the Lost Generation, weaving a poignant tale of love and loss in the aftermath of World War I. The story follows two expatriates living in Paris in the 1920s: Jake Barnes, an American war veteran and journalist, and Lady Brett Ashley, an independent Englishwoman exploring the opportunities afforded by a new era of liberated women and sexual freedom. Impotent due to an injury suffered during the war, Jake must navigate his hopeless love for Brett in a changed world of waning morality.

From Parisian society’s vibrant nightlife to the ruthless bullfighting rings of Spain, The Sun Also Rises takes readers on a powerful journey through mass disillusionment, moral bankruptcy, and elusive could-have-beens. All the while, we see both the brokenness and resilience of a generation scarred physically and emotionally by the horrors of war.
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The Sun Also Rises is Hemingway's best. I read it in high school, once since, and even picked up a copy at the Hemingway House in ’88 when I visited Key West. I thought to purchase this audio so I can listen in the car. Honestly, it is going to be tough to make it through this entire reading. The narrator does a great Jake Barnes and Robert Cohn but the other characters and their accents is like scraping fingernails on a chalkboard. The accents are poor and not-consistent. I cannot tell if Lady Brett is from New York, Minnesota, or England. Seriously, the producers should do a better job of editing this content. The worst accent, by far, is Count Mippipopolous. There is no way to describe the narration of this character; it is abominable!!! Other than that, I do not mind the slow narration. I actually like that. That speed allows a listener to really soak in the words and the hidden meaning behind Hemingway's content. I can only give this 3 stars because of this last point. I recommend finding another narration of this fine novel.

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Rashid Khan

Didn't know Earnst Hemmingway was that dull and boring. Such a big name and this boring novel.

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Valerie L.

Valiantly persisted to chapter 13, but had to abandon this particular audiobook. The English and Scottish accents are distractingly ludicrous. Brett sounds like a soho drag artist and Campbell sounds as though he has just exited Hampden Park the worse for wear, in very tight underpants. Unbearably uncomfortable!

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Philip A.

A drudgery to read about this "lost generation" and how they either will 1) have a drink, 2) talk about having a drink, 3) go somewhere else to have a drink or 4) plan to drink on every other page. If the author's goal was to make you hate every character, then I confess he is literary genius. There are no good people or lessons to be learned here, just despair and ambivalence. Good work though by the narrator helping some of this make sense by use of inflection where there is no guidance from the text. He is an underrated actor I admire.

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Craig H.

It was really slow, and Hemmingway seemed more intent in showing off his knowledge of the streets of Paris and the intricacies of Spain than in developing characters one could connect with. The narrator was decent (though average) and at least attempted different accents to help distinguish between the different characters.

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I feel like I was missing something because I just never got interested in it.

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Jennifer W.

I believe this is the first Hemingway novel that I’ve “read” and I wasn’t that impressed. It may have been the narrator though. His accents and intonations were pretty poorly done…particularly his Scottish accent. I wouldn’t ready again. Novel reminded me a lot of a longer version of the Great Gatsby, but perhaps that’s just the writing style of the 1920s.

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Enjoyed some aspects of this book (the descriptions of Spain in particular), but really could not warm to any of the characters. Maybe Jake, who at least seemed to do something for a living, but could not identify with the lifestyle of the rest, who do nothing but drink and eat. The narrators English and Scottish accents were terrible.

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I would not recommend this narration, unless you are a fan of horrible English and Scottish accents. I cannot be that this passed an editor as acceptable.

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T. E.

A Hemmingway masterpiece. Loved hearing the story, even though this narrator gave it a drama-class like reading.

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