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Swapped and Toyed With: Gender Swap

Swapped and Toyed With: Gender Swap

Written by:
Kinky Press
Narrated by:
Marcus M Wilde
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
0 hours 25 minutes
Dear Husband has been a bad boy.


He’s been very demanding of his good little housewife and her body, and now Erica fed up with his calloused attentions.


Dear Husband feels rather weak at the gym while pumping iron, and there is a little shrinkage going on, but it just must have been a long work week. When Erica is late returning from her book club and there’s no dinner on the table, though, Dear Husband is ready to lay down the law of the household. Until he finds himself unable to subdue good wifey that night. The tables are turned, and he’s the one on his knees giving pleasure.


Suddenly helpless to deny her, Dear Husband chafes at being expected to where that dress for the dinner party. He wasn’t expecting what walked through the door. The whole posse – or rather – the whole coven. The only books Erica has been reading lately are full of spells and incantations.


With the help of some serious gender bending spells, Erica is able to her Dear Husband how it feels to be the “weaker” gender. Dear Husband gets a taste of his own forceful medicine as he’s bent to his wife’s will – and bent over in the process.


PSA: This story contains a young lady expected to please at all times and ready for revenge. There will be gratification and mindless submission to women with complete mastery – in any slot these women wish to be masters of. At least one of those slots is natural for a man to have, and at least one is engineered by sheer witchcraft. Dear Husband will be placed in all sorts of compromising positions.
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