The Sword of the Templars

Written by:
Paul Christopher
Narrated by:
Paul Boehmer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
10 hours 0 minutes
After a lifetime on the front lines, Army Ranger John Holliday has resigned himself to ending his career teaching at West Point. But when his uncle passes away, Holliday discovers a mysterious medieval sword-wrapped in Adolf Hitler's personal battle standard. Then someone burns down his uncle's house in an attempt to retrieve the sword, and Holliday realizes that he's being drawn into a war that has been fought for centuries.

Accompanied by his adventurous niece Peggy, Holliday must delve into the past and piece together the puzzle that was his uncle's life and his involvement with the enigmatic warriors known as the Knights Templar. But his search for answers soon becomes a race against ruthless, cunning opponents willing to die for their cause...and to kill Holliday for daring to uncover their past.
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Dale Sanders

The book had a good premise about the Templars, but a few things bothered me with the book. First, the LTC teaching at West Point who entered the Army in the 1970s would be retired by now. I don't know any 30-yr LTCs. Second, I think the author forgets the guy has an eye patch because there were two times when the author explained that Holiday was "keeping one eye on [X] and the other eye on [Y]". Third, the author portrays the lady, Peggy, as a ditz. Her character has experience as a global photographer, yet the author keeps her character shallow. She could have contributed more. Yes, I know the first 2 are little things…the last one really got annoying…but they make the book less than it could have been.

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