Take Back Your Time: Identify Your Priorities, Decrease Stress, and Increase Productivity

Written by:
Morgan Tyree
Narrated by:
Robin Eller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
4 hours 55 minutes
Morgan Tyree wants to help you take back your time with her proven time-management system. With energy and enthusiasm, Morgan shows you how to organize and manage your time using her simple three-color time-zone system of green, yellow, and red—moxie time, multitasking time, and me time. She shows you how to

- Identify your most productive times each day
- Regulate between essentials and nonessentials
- Schedule your three time zones
- Match your time zones with your capacities
- Welcome the season of life you're in
- Set achievable goals that align with your values

If you've struggled to find balance and direction in your overloaded life, let Morgan's system help you discover the freedom of less hustle and more harmony.
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