Tami Bear and the Tomato Mystery

Tami Bear and the Tomato Mystery

Written by:
Anna Setlak
Narrated by:
Maggie Ross
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
0 hours 32 minutes
Audiobook Tami Bear and the Tomato Mystery - a fun, educational and adventurous book with rhymes about healthy eating and benefits from eating veggies, ideal for preschoolers and picky eaters.

Tami Bear is a world-famous vegetable and fruit expert. Early morning, he receives a letter from Gardenia. The letter was written by Grando, the chief of the gobics, little people who are famous for their juicy and healthy crops. There is a great unrest in the land of the gobics. For some time now, a thief has been prowling their gardens, stealing the most beautiful tomatoes! Without them, gobics are unable to prepare their signature dishes: soups, ketchups, salads and sauces!

Detective Tami carefully listens to all the witnesses, collects the evidence and conducts an investigation to find the culprit of this dastardly theft. Will he be able to solve the mystery of the disappearing tomatoes?

Invite your children to the wonderful world of Tami Bear, a world full of humor, surprising adventures, cheerful rhymes and delicious, healthy dishes.

Books from Eating Well with Tami Bear series:

- Show how healthy eating and exercises affect our body
- Teach children how important it is to eat healthy
- Support parents in changing bad eating habits of their children
- Educate children about the nutritional value of particular vegetables
- Care about children’s health from early age
- Have a significant contribution to the obesity prevention

Healthy eating habits start from an early age and last a lifetime!

With this engaging read, help your child to understand how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables.

This will be the best decision to support your child's health. With Tami Veggies are Yummy!
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