Tarn & Beck: The Cursed Coin

Tarn & Beck: The Cursed Coin

Written by:
Courtney Bowen
Narrated by:
Benjamin Crow
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
2 hours 9 minutes
Beck has grown up in the city of Silvo, bullied and alienated by others for years. He's struggled to fit in and maintain a respectable air.

But Beck’s had enough after he was fired from his clerk job for getting in a fight. Beck wants to leave Silvo and start over, running away like his father did.

But he needs money to do that. Years ago, his father Cedric buried a treasure trove of gold coins in a dead man’s coffin, claiming the coins were cursed. Beck decides to dig up the coffin to get the gold coins.

Tarn was hired as a graveyard guard, despite his dark, checkered, and mysterious past. There have been a rash of grave robberies and he finds Beck robbing a grave.

Then they're attacked by a Vampiric monster. Tarn and Beck fight off the Vampiric monster as Tarn recognizes the gold coins.

Tarn now has to save Beck as bandits and more chase after the cursed gold coins.

Author's Note: This involves a M/M romance for readers 18+, please be advised.
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