The Power of Your Transcendental Mind (Condensed Classics)

Written by:
Miitch Horowitz
Narrated by:
Mitch Horowitz

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
6 hours 13 minutes
You don’t regress—you go directly back to the past life!


This audio uses a gentle meditative body relaxation, followed by the “Ascension Technique” instructions. You don’t regress: you go directly back to experience your past lives. Use alone or with others.

Track 1: Special Instructions—how to assure successful results.

Track 2: General Past-Life Regression—Each time you use it, you are instructed to go back in time to a different lifetime, or you can re-experience a one you’re already aware of. Insert your own overriding instructions or Dick will direct you through aspects of the past life: important events, career, person closest to you. Learn the year and location of the life. Without pain or emotion observe how you experienced death in this past life, and cross over into the spiritual world before being awakened.

Track 3: Pre-Birth Decisions About Your Current Life— Go back to a time before you were born into your present life when you were making decisions about rebirth, choosing parents, your astrological pathway.

Track 4: Past-Life Patterns—Learn the patterns that continue to come up for you, lifetime after lifetime. Take steps to rise above an undesirable trait and appreciate one that’s desirable in which you’ll progress through each lifetime. Track 4: Past-Life Exploration with a Person of your Choice—Discover if you have a past-life tie with anyone close to you. Pick the person you desire to know about, and learn how to “lock in” on that person in the regression. It will explain a lot about the relationship you share today and what to expect with them in the future as your joint karma unfolds. Learn to rise above an undesirable aspect of that karma.

Track 5: Past-Life Exploration to a Time or Civilization of Your Choice—Become aware of the content of a time you have always been interested in.

Track 6: Past-Life Karma Affecting Your Present Life—Maybe it’s positive—a talent, ability, personality trait or relationship; maybe it’s negative—health problems, monetary troubles, conflict, fear or phobia. Wisdom erases karma. The first step to wisdom is awareness.

Track 7: Intensifying Déjà vu Potential—Programs you to experience a physical/mental reaction whenever you touch on the subject or timing of one of your past lives while reading or watching a show. You’ll sense an internal alarm that will make you aware.

Make certain you are fully alert and awake at the end of this session.
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