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Things I Want to Punch in the Face

Written by:
Jennifer Worick
Narrated by:
Rebecca Gibel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2012
2 hours 54 minutes
Jennifer Worick had a bad day. And then a bad week. She channeled her aggravation into creating the blog Things I Want to Punch in the Face, which became a sensation. Although her bad week passed, she has continued to take note of the little irritations that torment us all daily, from old guys with ponytails to twenty-minute coffee prep, bizspeak to vanity plates, celebrity baby names to emoticons. Now, just in time for the holiday season, the book showcases more than one hundred of Worick's most punch-worthy aggravations, rated on a scale of one to five fists. She rants, she vents, and she amuses with little factoids about the things that annoy the crap out of us. In short, she has created a hilarious gift book that has something for everyone to hate, from the last swig of beer, to mashups, to Ed Hardy clothing, to packing tape.
Profile Avatar
Jessica Payne

Funny book, some of the points you can really agree with, others you laugh because it may be something you do. Sometimes it did feel a little too pessimistic but if your having a bad day it can help to laugh about it. Narrator is ok, I wouldn't say she is one of my favourite, but she is definitely listenable.

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