The Thriller Boxset: Dying to Tell, Every Little Breath, The People Next Door and Trust No One

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
45 hours 56 minutes
Dying to Tell Released from the hospital with her memory still blurred, the only survivor of a horrific car crash meets the brother of one of the victims. They soon suspect that someone will do anything to hide the truth of what happened on the road that night—and why. Every Little Breath A serial killer calls up a late-night radio DJ with a gruesome request, drawing her into his brutal game... The People Next Door Ellie and Ash have moved into a beautiful old house—but it has a mysterious past, and Ellie’s new life in the English countryside is about to take a dark turn. Trust No One A woman is haunted by an event in her past—and tormented by a mysterious killer who won’t let her forget it—in “a must-read that will keep you turning the pages late into the night” (Daily Express).
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