The Thursday Murder Club: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
12 hours 26 minutes
A New York Times bestseller | Soon to be a major motion picture from Steven Spielberg at Amblin Entertainment

“Witty, endearing and greatly entertaining.” —Wall Street Journal
“Don’t trust anyone, including the four septuagenarian sleuths in Osman’s own laugh-out-loud whodunit.” —Parade

Four septuagenarians with a few tricks up their sleeves
A female cop with her first big case
A brutal murder
Welcome to...

In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet weekly in the Jigsaw Room to discuss unsolved crimes; together they call themselves the Thursday Murder Club.

When a local developer is found dead with a mysterious photograph left next to the body, the Thursday Murder Club suddenly find themselves in the middle of their first live case.

As the bodies begin to pile up, can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer, before it's too late?
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Julie V.

This really needed multiple narrators..

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Cynthia B.

Charming, colorful and clever - this was a delightful introduction to a cast of characters I hope we will see again and again. The murder mystery plot was well written; I was kept guessing the entire way. Loved the audio version; the narrator is a *treat* to listen to and made both men and women, old and young, come to sparkling life without feeling artificial. I am not a regular mystery genre reader but count me hooked!

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Sharon M.

Simple, entertaining read. I really didn’t like the Elizabeth character. She was just too unrealistic as was the police being willing to share so much information. If you can overlook that, it’s entertaining enough. Not aa great as the reviews make it sound.

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Very cute and wholesome even with the grim topic. Well developed characters and a view into the full lives and sorrows of being old.

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loved it, love the series

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Tracy P.

Amazing! Hilarious, poignant, and sweet. You will fall in love with every character. The author and the narrator could not have done better!

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Stephen H.

Best whodunnit I've "read" in a while. Agatha Christie fans should love it. There were a lot of characters to meet throughout and it makes it harder to listen on audiobook but after listening to the whole story and not getting everything but living it anyways, I went back to listen to it again and loved it even more on the second listen. The narrator takes a bit to get used to her voice but so worth it in the end.

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Too long, got boring

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Lucy L.

Richard Osman really understands what the years after 70 are like. This book provided many funny and/or poignant moments that felt very familiar to my 78-year-old husband and me (70). The reader did a great job of differentiating people's voices and temperaments.

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Dan D.


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Molly K.

I often have a hard time staying focused with audio books but the narrator in this one was excellent and engaging!

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Allison B.

The narration was amazing and I loved the book. It made me want to be an 80 year old...having “made it” to the end...hanging around solving murders.

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Very sweet and witty. Lovely twists in the plot.

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Sally L.

Great book. Wonderful narrator.

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I liked it but didn't love it. I felt like I was missing some back story. Overall ok.

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Debra B.

Too complicated of a story with too many subplots

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Dorothy H.

I liked it but I did not find the tears flowing when I think they should have…

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Susan Rollenhagen

I liked the characters and the plot. The writing and narrating were good.

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Really good read!! Love the perspective from the retirement home residents. Great murder mystery that is light hearted without being silly. The narrator was PERFECT for this book. She nailed all of the characters voices. Can’t wait for the next book in the series. I hope they use the same narrator for that one too!

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Cheryl G.

It was okay but I couldn’t find the humor everyone else did.

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Susan F.

Brilliant book with the perfect narrator. I am upset I have finished it.

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