True Identity: Cracking the Oldest Kidnapping Cold Case and Finding My Missing Twin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
8 hours 29 minutes
A man desperate to know his true identity struggles to solve the infamous kidnapping that nearly destroyed his family—and find his twin sister, who has been missing for more than fifty years.

When he was ten years old, Paul Fronczak was snooping around for Christmas presents in a crawl space in his family’s Chicago home. There, he found hundreds of old newspaper clippings about the kidnapping of a one-day-old infant in a hospital in 1964. He also learned that, two years later, the boy was found and returned to his family—and that the boy was him.

Nearly fifty years later, Paul, acting on long-held suspicions, took a DNA test that proved he was not the kidnapped boy. In an instant, he found himself at the center of two half-century-old mysteries—who was he, and where was the real Paul?

True Identity is about three separate major investigations—the hunt for the real Paul Fronczak; the search for the author’s missing twin sister Jill; and finally, the investigation into his true identity, his heart and soul and the demons inside him—inherited and created—that still need to be confronted.

Includes bonus PDF with images.
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Amazing book. The Foundling was also very detailed and a great book, but this one being narrated by Paul himself really connects you to his case in a very personal way.

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