Truth or Kill: A Standalone Dark Romance

Truth or Kill: A Standalone Dark Romance

Written by:
A.C. Kramer
Narrated by:
Chloe Ryan , Michael Gallagher
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
8 hours 30 minutes
You’re cordially invited to attend this year’s spring break retreat at The Lodge.

It’s a highly exclusive experience guaranteed to redefine your future.

Assuming you survive.


I thought it was a joke.

Some pompous high-society game meant to play with the children of the elite.

But then people started dying.

Including the one who invited me to attend.

Now I’m the one they all suspect.

Because I have blood on my hands.

Their blood.


The pretty little pawn isn’t supposed to be here.

She’s unique. Not one of them. A potential prize I may take for myself.

But only if she learns how to properly play this game.

The terms are simple: truth or kill?

Mmm, I hope she picks kill.

Because she’ll look stunning in red.

Welcome to the darkness, my little black rose.

Blood is your new currency.

And it’s time to pay the price.

Author's Note: Truth or Kill is a standalone novel. Please review the warning inside for dark content that may be triggering to readers.
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