Turn Your Dreams Into Your Destiny

Written by:
Michael Wickett
Narrated by:
Michael Wickett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2016
5 hours 27 minutes
This program is specifically designed for people who want great things to happen in their life. Often, the world around us will seek to limit our visions and beliefs; and so we end up using practical statements to hold back our expectations in order to avoid disappointments. Michael Wickett shares his strategies to have great dreams and expectations and to think bigger while you accomplish more than ever before. He also shares numerous examples of persons in all walks of life who dare to dream their dreams and through taking action, achieved life changing results. A must listen series for anyone who feels repressed, stymied, held back or unfulfilled. Michael says the answer is to 'Be A Dreamer'. After applying the ideas in this program, you'll expand your vision of what you want in your life and you'll have a road map for how to accomplish these dreams.
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