Ultimate Memory Magic: The Transformative Program for Sharper Memory, Mental Clarity, and Greater Focus . . . at Any Age!

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
7 hours 1 minute
Improve your memory, sharpen your mind, and change your life—at any age!

As we age, our memories become unreliable; we misplace things and forget details. In Ultimate Memory Magic, memory expert Jim Karol shows that these side effects of aging are not inevitable. His memory-boosting system, called “Cogmental Intelligence,” goes beyond preserving mental acuity and actually enhances memory and mental function through lifestyle changes and mental exercises. Concentration, alertness, and focus can all be strengthened—by anyone, at any age. Karol’s cutting-edge program will show readers how to:

- Sharpen their thinking and regain their mental edge
- Live healthier, mentally and physically
- Clear away negativity and stress
- Become more creative and innovative

A former steel worker who suffered from ill health, Karol used this method to transform his own life. Now he is physically healthy and renowned for his unparalleled memory. His incredible feats of memory and mentalism have been featured on The Tonight Show, The Ellen Show, Today, and more. Karol has used his Cogmental Intelligence method with clients from professional athletes to business leaders and speaks at venues around the world, from MIT to the Pentagon.

With a foreword written and read by bestselling author and physician Daniel G. Amen, Ultimate Memory Magic will allow listeners of any age to hone their minds, strengthen their memories, and transform their lives.
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