Uncaged (The Singular Menace, 1)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2014
11 hours 44 minutes
A New York Times bestseller!

John Sandford and Michele Cook debut a high-octane thriller series about a ruthless corporation, unspeakable experiments, and a fight to expose the truth. Perfect for fans of James Dashner's The Maze Runner.
Shay Remby arrives in Hollywood with $58 and a handmade knife, searching for her brother, Odin.
Odin’s a brilliant hacker but a bit of a loose cannon. He and a group of radical animal-rights activists hit a Singular Corp. research lab in Eugene, Oregon. The raid was a disaster, but Odin escaped with a set of highly encrypted flash drives and a post-surgical dog.
When Shay gets a frantic 3 a.m. phone call from Odin—talking about evidence of unspeakable experiments, and a ruthless corporation, and how he must hide—she’s concerned. When she gets a menacing visit from Singular’s security team, she knows: her brother’s a dead man walking.
What Singular doesn’t know—yet—is that 16-year-old Shay is every bit as ruthless as their security force, and she will burn Singular to the ground, if that’s what it takes to save her brother.
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Michael T.

This is nothing like any of the Sandford novels. It reminded me of a Dean Koonst book. That said, the first 4 hours were a struggle. I almost quit listening a couple times. About 5 hours in, it gets a lot more interesting. By the end, I was convinced I need the second in the series. Narrator does a good job. She has a very feminine squeaky voice so it’s tough to buy the male characters. I eventually got used to it.

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Nina Daigre

I love this, not what I'm used to reading from John but I was not disappointed.

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Kathy Hamilton

I enjoyed this book. You get left hanging at the end so I was happy I could pick up where it left off with the 2nd book. The book moves fast, so hold on for the ride!

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