Understanding the Koran: A Quick Christian Guide to the Muslim Holy Book

Written by:
Mateen Elass
Narrated by:
Don Reed

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
5 hours 55 minutes
Find out how the Koran resembles the Bible—and the drastic ways in which it differs.

Understanding the Koran gives you an essential grasp of Islam's holy book: where it came from, what it teaches, how Muslims view it, and how the Allah of the Koran compares with the God of the Bible.

Cherished as the final, perfect revelation of God's will by 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide, the Koran has become a part of American life. What do you know about the holy book that shapes the lives and views of your neighbors and a fifth of the world's population?

Written by a pastor who was born to a Muslim father and raised in Saudi Arabia, Understanding the Koran gives you a fascinating, easy-to-understand overview that will show you:

- Why the background behind the Koran is important to understanding it.
- How the Koran came into existence.
- A summary of the main teachings of the Koran, including what it says about Jesus and the crucifixion.
- Similarities and differences between Muslim and Christian views of God.
- What the Koran teaches about Jihad and holy war.
- What the Koran teaches about heaven and hell and the final destinies of the human soul.


Giving you an essential grasp of Islam's holy book, Understanding the Koran points you to the one thing that can draw your Muslim friends to Jesus—his love, demonstrated to them through you.

Discussion questions make it possible to use this book in group studies.
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