Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe

Written by:
Brian Greene
Narrated by:
Brian Greene

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
14 hours 38 minutes
NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER • A captivating exploration of deep time and humanity's search for purpose from the world-renowned physicist and best-selling author of The Elegant Universe

'Few humans share Greene’s mastery of both the latest cosmological science and English prose.' —The New York Times

Until the End of Time is Brian Greene's breathtaking new exploration of the cosmos and our quest to find meaning in the face of this vast expanse. Greene takes us on a journey from the big bang to the end of time, exploring how lasting structures formed, how life and mind emerged, and how we grapple with our existence through narrative, myth, religion, creative expression, science, the quest for truth, and a deep longing for the eternal. From particles to planets, consciousness to creativity, matter to meaning—Brian Greene allows us all to grasp and appreciate our fleeting but utterly exquisite moment in the cosmos.
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Desislava M.

Once again, hats off for Brian Greene. An absolutely logical narrative, excellently structured, supported with a lot of easy-to-understand examples. He’s been able to describe the complex scientific discoveries, theories, and possibilities in such a simple and humble way that a layman can grasp. Thank you for telling the story of us and life in such a human-friendly way!

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