Until We Reach Home

Written by:
Lynn Austin
Narrated by:
Ruth Ann Phimister

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2009
16 hours 30 minutes
Library Journal Top Pick author Lynn Austin has garnered an unprecedented number of Christy Awards for brilliantly crafted historical gems, including A Proper Pursuit. In this sweeping saga, three Swedish sisters endure an 1890s Atlantic crossing, an Ellis Island detention, and various other trials as they struggle to find love, faith, and home. First came their mother's death. Then their father's suicide. For orphans Elin, Kirsten, and Sofia, life stretches on like an endless winter. When circumstances become unbearable, they write their Chicago relatives, desperate for a safe haven. Soon the three find themselves among the huddled masses bound for America-the promised land of dreams and second chances. Yet amidst the hardships of their journey, these brave young ladies determine to let nothing stop them from reaching a place they can call home.
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good book! glad I chose this on a whim, well worth it. I have to say after seeing the other reviewer 1- this book is in the religious fiction category. 2- the scriptures read, are because one character mets another on Ellis Island, neither speak each others language but have bibles so communicate through them. Kind of ingenious, frustrated they can't talk, one remembers something similar to what they want to say, shows the chapter/verse so the other can find it in their language and vice-versa. After seeing that review I looked and was 6 hours in and hadn't heard one biblical verse. its not a lot or constant, but this is labeled Religious Fiction. Narrator was a little off, a 16yr old girl sings and her voice is way too mature with this narrator, it put me off lol

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I loved this story because it carried me the experience of coming to America as an immigrant coming toEllis Island.

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Lynn Fedina

Being a Sweed with 2 sisters I was drawn to this story. I love the fairy princess and the encouraging ending because of the integrity of the girls!

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A very good story with a happy ending ♥️

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Dianna Sallaberry

WAY too much scripture and preaching added to what would have otherwise been a very good story line. I found myself fast forwarding at least a half dozen times through bible quotations so I could get back to what I really bought the book for. I wanted an entertaining story not a Sunday sermon. I will have a bad taste in my mouth after being force fed religion disguised as a fictional best seller.

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