Written by:
James R. Tuck , Marvel
Narrated by:
David Bendena

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
7 hours 10 minutes
When Eddie Brock becomes biologically linked to a bizarre alien symbiote, the two share a common goal. At first, they seek to squash their arch-foe Spider-Man. But after repeated attempts, Venom reaches an uneasy truce with the web-spinner. Brock leaves New York and heads west to San Francisco, the city of his birth, eager to put trouble behind him, but trouble has different ideas. Brock commits himself to becoming a defender of the innocent, but he's a six-foot-three-inch, 260 lb. figure with bulging muscles and fangs like a shark. Venom quickly draws attention—first from a furious Spider-Man, who's certain Brock has broken his word, then from a team of armored enemies who set out to kill the Lethal Protector. Venom joins forces with the web-spinner only to face an even deadlier threat: five trained killers, each wearing a symbiotic suit like Brock's. These are the Spawn of Venom, and they're out for blood.
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