The Vision-Driven Leader: 10 Questions to Focus Your Efforts, Energize Your Team, and Scale Your Business

Written by:
Michael Hyatt
Narrated by:
Michael Hyatt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
4 hours 48 minutes
Having a clear, compelling vision-and getting buy-in from your team-is essential to effective leadership. If you don't know where you're going, how on earth will you get there? But how do you craft that vision? How do you get others on board? And how do you put that vision into practice at every level of your organization?

In The Vision-Driven Leader, New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt offers six tools for crafting an irresistible vision for your business, rallying your team around the vision, and distilling it into actionable plans that drive results. Based on Michael's forty years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive, backed by insights from organizational science and psychology, and illustrated by case studies and stories from multiple industries, The Vision-Driven Leader takes you step-by-step from why to what and then how. Your business will never be the same.
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Ji?í P.

I belong to generation of Gen-Xers and the culture I live in is constantly trying for my immediate attention. As a result, we feel constant anxiety and fret from one project to another without enough pausing and reflection. We often run for instant gratification and fret again to deliver instant results for the generation of millennials. While doing that the author reminds us we need not forget to provide an overarching and commonly shared inspiring and meaningful vision for all of us to align with. If you are compelled like I was, stop, pause and reflect on the meaning of all of this now. Literature that would give clear instructions in a language everybody would understand on how to create your personal or business vision for your team is scarce and often speaks to the reader the corporate language and is full of empty phrases. Not so with The Vision Driven Leader. In his book Michael Hyatt – a productivity mentor talks from his own experiences, describes the meaning and the results of a vision driven leader's attitude and the consequences of leadership with the absence of a long-term vision, he also tells a story of a thoroughly crafted vision that has been long forgotten and never came to life and how we can avoid this from happening. In order for an organization and its leaders to fulfill their mission, and especially at times of distraction and immediate threat and fear, they must direct their behavior (strategy, the How?) towards commonly shared goals set in the near 3–5 year future (the What?) and constantly remind everybody (vision leaks and you ought not to contain it) in the form of a Vision Script an inspiring, concrete and actionable but not very long document. Creating such a key and fixed document must, the author argues, always precede flexible strategies. The book instructs you on how you can create such a feasible document for yourself and for your team regardless of who you lead. The book also presents a number of inspirational life stories of people who, through their relentless vision, have contributed to improving humanity and have exceeded their perceived possibilities – a climber Tommy Caldwell (The Down Wall), Jane Chen (Embrace Warmer, Little Lotus), Malala Yousafzai (right to education), Garett Camp and Travis Kalanick (Uber), Evelyn Berezin (Word processor) and more. At first, I was skeptical, especially now in a pandemic, whether it was appropriate and realistic to even consider future visions. With this book, I realized that right now rather than thinking about securing yourself for the next day, it is more important to create a vision for yourself, your family, your co-workers, and the company you work for to get over the difficulties of the day and set our eyes on hope and what we can benefit society and our loved ones with in the long run. Read it for inspiration, it will serve you well.

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Peter J.

For such a time as this! I’m sure that Michael had no idea what sort of crisis our world would be in at the time of the book release... but this is just what I and every other leader needs now! I’ve read it in one sitting and look forward to diving in again!

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Brendan L.

Important aspects to consider to be a vision based leader. Make this book part of your leadership development.

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Javier T.

inspiring but little real info or manual

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Jeff B.

Great read. Was even better listening to Michael narrate it himself. The stories of other copies succeeding and failing all due to vision or lack of vision was a huge help.

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Mike W.

Practical and inspirational! Will be adding Vision-Driven Leader to my "equipping gifts for leaders" list of purchases!

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Umma lul

Nice concepts , good inspiration.

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Joseph H.


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Excellent resource for the leader who wants to go the long haul. Michael poured himself out to leaders. Brick by brick, he shows how to take your organization from concept to success. Worth every second and more! An invaluable lifeline for the times we’re in!

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Mike B.

Vision driven leade review There’s plenty of noise when it comes to business and leadership council and it’s important who has our ear. Michael Hyatt’s voice Is one I never want to be without. The Vision Driven Leader could not have released at a better time. There’s never been a more critical time to design or re design our vision and this book will help you go stand in the future of yours and your teams vision and call others into it. Our world needs us to lead like never before and here is the way forward. The real life examples make this book extremely practical and applicable and it was nothing short of inspiring.

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Chad S.

Michael Hyatt dose it again. The Vision Driven Leader is a home run. I have worked for two vision driven leaders for the last 30 years. This is the best, practice book I have ever read on the topic. Michael lays on a plan on how to become vision driven in life and business. Today more than ever you need a vision to thrive in today's world. Put down what ever book you are reading and read The Vision Driven Leader today. It can change your world.

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