The Water is Wide

Written by:
Pat Conroy
Narrated by:
Jeremy Arthur

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
9 hours 17 minutes
“A powerfully moving book . . . You will laugh, you will weep, you will be proud and you will rail.” —Charleston News and Courier

Yamacraw Island was haunting, nearly deserted, and beautiful. Separated from the mainland of South Carolina by a wide tidal river, it was accessible only by boat. But for the handful of families that lived on Yamacraw, America was a world away. For years these families lived proudly from the sea until waste from industry destroyed the oyster beds essential to their very existence. Already poor, they knew they would have to face an uncertain future unless, somehow, they learned a new life. But they needed someone to teach them, and their rundown schoolhouse had no teacher.

The Water Is Wide is Pat Conroy’s extraordinary memoir based on his experience as one of two teachers in a two-room schoolhouse, working with children the world had pretty much forgotten. It was a year that changed his life, and one that introduced a group of poor Black children to a world they did not know existed.

“A hell of a good story.” —The New York Times

“[Pat] Conroy cuts through his experiences with a sharp edge of irony. . . . He brings emotion, writing talent and anger to his story.” —Baltimore Sun
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Julie C.

The narrator was good but I will forever hear Nick Nolte in my head, whispering “I say this as praise, as a prayer and regret, Lowenstein, Lowenstein..” they should have had him narrate… One of my all time favs.. you laugh, you cry, you recognize some disfunctional family moments.. You have to read it… you simply must… It’s the Southern way.. xoxo

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