We Are All Leaders: Leadership is Not a Position, It's a Mindset

Written by:
Fredrik Arnander
Narrated by:
Gabriel Vaughan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
6 hours 58 minutes
Leadership is not just for the execs in the corner office. It's time we all stepped up and developed the mind of a leader. In a time of rapid technological change and economic uncertainty, businesses that thrive will do so through empowering employees at all levels to take an active role in leading themselves and their organisations to success. It's time that we all, at every stage of our careers, started to think proactively, take responsibility and excel in work. This is the new face of leadership-consensual and nonhierarchical.

Scandinavian entrepreneur and business guru Fredrik Arnander outlines strategies and tools for transforming anyone into an effective leader. He offers a simple, straightforward, highly-practical approach to developing the leader mindset. And these aren't lessons from on high- they're clear and functional examples drawn from real life experiences. We Are All Leaders is all about empowerment-it will transform you into a confident, focused visionary . . . and can help you inspire that same passion in others.

- A refreshingly simple and practical guide to leadership for anyone who wants to progress in their work

- Based on the author's experience of running fast technology companies, creating agile and flexible organisations through leadership at all levels

- Lessons are taught via easy to follow dialogue between a mentor and apprentice, exchanges which emphasize teamwork and reciprocal learning
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