A Week in the Woods

Written by:
Andrew Clements
Narrated by:
Ron Livingston

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2002
3 hours 57 minutes
Mark Chelmsley IV has never felt truly at home anywhere. With only four months left in the fifth grade before he starts at an exclusive boarding school, Mark doesn't think it's even worth trying to settle in. What changes his mind is a Week in the Woods- the annual school camping trip. But even there, things go wrong. Mark covers for a friend and lands himself in Big Trouble: his nemesis, science teacher Mr. Maxwell, suspends him. Just as Mr. Maxwell is about take Mark home, Mark runs off into the woods, putting his survival skills- and Mr. Maxwell's- to the test.
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lizabeth valentino

My son has a learning disability and this audio book helped him greatly with his book report. A Week in the woods kept his interest and peeked his imagination. He compared his up coming camping trip that his class will be taking to Greenkill, to the class trip the kids in the book took. I'm very happy with this app and the book. Will recommend both.

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Cecily W.

I love it sooooo much thank u

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