Well Said!: Presentations and Conversations That Get Results

Written by:
Darlene Price
Narrated by:
Darlene Price

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2013
9 hours 25 minutes
Whether you're making a formal presentation, wooing a client, closing a sale, or proposing an idea, persuasive communication can make the difference between success and failure. 'Well Said!' shows listeners how to put themselves in their audience's shoes and tailor their message to the needs of decision makers. It reveals simple but powerful techniques anyone can use to prioritize, organize, and economize their words so that their communications are concise, clear, and - most importantly - convincing. Complete with real-life examples illustrating the concepts in action, this handy guide teaches listeners how to:

• use the words and phrases that get people to listen
• capture and hold attention
• gain instant credibility with decision makers
• optimize body language; handle Q&A with finesse
• connect with the audience
• shine with or without PowerPoint
• perfect their elevator pitch and much more.

Engaging and practical, 'Well Said!' is the one book on presentation skills every professional should own.
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Shane Miller

Great tips and advice for presenters. Book is written superbly as we are using as the text for our MBA program!!!!!

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Brandon D.

This book is very insightful and engaging. The author really covers all angles and definitely relays a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Very business/sales centered. Good list but missing some scientific insights on why good presentation work

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Betsy M.

Probably better to have a paper book to mark reminders of useful information. Good subject matter, especially for career starters.

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Kyle M.

Excruciatingly long-winded. For someone who keeps bringing up KISS(Keep it Simple), they sure do miss the point. From going into every little detail on every subject, literally giving a shortcut tutorial for PowerPoint, and including options for multiple choice up to the letter J, this audio books presentation goes against its content repeatedly. It is mostly filler, but there are some good suggestions and information hidden inside. You might even learn something. I would personally suggest finding a more to the point book, however.

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Elle B.

A lot of the usual, but a few new tips. The book just seems redundant though. A third of it could have been scrapped during editing.

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This is a good review of skills necessary to conduct successful presentations and improve professional communications.

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Very useful techniques, good narration!

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Tatyana M.

I wish I read this book at the beginning of my executive career! The book gives you everything you need to know when it comes to public speaking on a silver platter. Great narration as well.

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Filip Z.

Insightful with practical advices. Narration is great as well.

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