What a Time to be Alone

Written by:
Chidera Eggerue
Narrated by:
Chidera Eggerue

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
1 hour 21 minutes
One of VOGUE's 6 Female Writers to Read in 2018
'Categorically one of the coolest women in Britain.' Cosmopolitan
'The Millennial Mastermind.' ELLE
It's not always easy to find self-worth in a world that seems obsessed with telling us we're not good enough. Empowering, intimate and full of heart: this highly-anticipated debut audiobook from the online sensation 'The Slumflower', aka Chidera Eggerue, the unstoppable force behind the ground-breaking movement #SAGGYBOOBSMATTER, is essential listening for all young women. It's time to take charge of your life.
In What A Time to be Alone, The Slumflower will be your life guru, confidante and best friend. She'll show you that being alone is not just okay: it's just about the best freaking thing that's ever happened to you. As she says, 'You're bad as hell and you were made with intention.' It's about time you realised. Peppered with insightful Igbo proverbs from Chidera's Nigerian mother and narrated by the author, this audiobook will help you to navigate the modern world. We can all decide our own fates and Chidera shows us how, using a three-part approach filled with sass, wisdom and charm.
Learn how to celebrate YOU - decide your self-worth, take time to heal and empower yourself in this messy world.
Don't worry about THEM - avoid other people's demons and realize that everyone is protecting themselves from something - no matter how aggressive their method.
Feel the togetherness in US - sustain and grow healthy relationships and avoid toxicity in your friendships.
Own your story. Create your own narrative. Listen to this audiobook. #WATTBA
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Interesting read and even better the second time around.

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Must read.

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Pamela A.

Short with kick! I loved this very real book! I’ll listen to it again soon.

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Kaila S.

I was into it. Some of the concepts are what I've heard before, but they were great reminders. Most of the content was what I needed to hear in this phase of my life (late 20's early 30's.)

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I expected to learn something from the way this book had been hyped but it's insanely short and basic.

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Jodie F.

Really enjoyable read, lots of straightforward good advice, author’s voice is engaging, I’ll highly recommended to everyone!

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Nothing new, feels like a conversation you've had 100 times with your friends. Bit cliche.

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