What If…????...The British Empire Won the Revolutionary War?: Alternative History

Written by:
John Rayburn
Narrated by:
John Rayburn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
3 hours 51 minutes
This book is an example of Alternative History. That, in essence, is asking what the future could be like.

It suggests the US could have become a Dominion of America. Call this standard history with a twist, or even mythology in part. It is certainly historical material, told in fictional fashion. The basis of the concept can help broaden your personal historical imagination by emphasizing an unorthodox perspective. The key to any such literary approach centers around a point of divergence and makes you wonder, or want to ask, “Could this really take place?”

It occasionally feels as though it’s all in a different time and place even though there are historical references that lead you astray, a sort of chronology of curiosities. Digging into the basic idea makes you wonder about such outlandish possibilities as Martin Luther becoming Pope Germanian. Many years ago, humorist writer James Thurber posed the somewhat hilarious classic supposition, asking the inevitable “What If?” as per “If Grant had been drinking at Appomattox!”

John Rayburn, the author/narrator of this virtual sideways story, offers material that will perhaps bewilder you, or perhaps stun you if you develop your own “What If?-ness.”

Start listening now and don’t blame us if your senses reel—all because this seems like non-reality being the actual information.
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