Release Date
June 2020
6 hours 34 minutes
Fish are mysteriously disappearing from the coastal waters of the United States and it's anybody's guess what the problem is. Red tide, pollution? But soon angry fingers point north, to Canada and the two countries trade threats and insults, all signs of neighborliness gone.

Forced to consider losing this vast resource, America is in shock. Fish devotees may see it become a coveted delicacy of the past, but the situation is much graver for Remo and Chiun. Possibly they'll have to eat nothing but rice and duck for the rest of their lives.

Determined to get to the bottom--and soon--the Destroyer starts trawling for answers as the fishing fleets of the entire planet face off. It's a global calamity in the making that could see mankind lose its place at the top of the food chain....
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