The Whithering of Willoughby and the Professor: Their Ways in the Worlds, Vol. 2: The Best of Comedy-O-Rama Hour Season 4

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2014
5 hours 13 minutes
These are the further misadventures of the pertinacious professor and his perky partner who pucker around the planet and through time and space, in a vain attempt to 'cure the world of all its ills.'

This second set of imaginative, sound-effect-rich audio cartoons, produced, directed, and voiced by veteran, award-winning radio theater artist Joe Bevilacqua, with announcing by David Garland (WNYC, WQXR) and a special guest appearance by Margaret Juntwait (the Metropolitan Opera), includes

'You're a God, Apollo Jacques! or Boys Don't Have Feats' – the seventeenth and final episode in the NPR/Sirius XM Satellite series'Willoughby and the Professor Meet Willaby and the Professor' – improvisations heard on Joe Bev's Cartoon Carnival radio show'The Squidge Attack' – a short story, part of Pedro's Fables'The Incompetent Genie' – a short story, part of Pedro's Fables'Willoughby and the Professor Meet the Godfather' – an early prototype improvisation'Willoughby and the Professor Go to Hollywood' – an early prototype improvisation'Science-O-Rama' – the soundtracks to the first seven Popular Science magazine videos, animated by Lorie Kellogg'Dimension X Revisited, or Willoughby Goes and Gets It' – a new radio theater based on the short story appearing in the book It's That Time Again: The New Stories of Old Time RadioThe complete music score for the series composed by David Garland and Joe Bevilacqua
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