Wholeness: Winning in Life from the Inside Out

Written by:
Touré Roberts
Narrated by:
Touré Roberts

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
5 hours 11 minutes
Wholeness is about removing invisible boundaries from our lives that keep us from realizing our highest potential. In order to live an outer life without limits, we have to uncover and address the inner limitations that hide in our blind spots.

This life-changing audiobook explains that regardless of where you are in life, Wholeness will take you higher. Wholeness will elevate your sense of fulfillment in life, produce healthier, more rewarding relationships, and will position you for optimum success in every endeavor.

International thought leader and pastor Touré Roberts explains we can't always choose the experiences that keep us from being whole, but we can take control of our lives today and bring healing to any broken area. Key chapters include an in-depth relationship guide titled 'Two Halves Don't Make a Whole.' 'The Cracked Mirror' shows how unprocessed experiences can negatively shape our view of self, others, and the world around us. 'Ghosts of the Past' gives powerful, practical tools for avoiding the traps of the past and ensuring that we enter into the amazing future that God has planned for us.

Wholeness is filled with wisdom garnered from Touré's own life--raised by a single mom, narrowly escaping the trappings of inner-city life, and finding success in corporate America. His insight is further broadened by his role as founder of one of the most influential churches in the nation, with over fourteen years pastoring thousands of millennials, couples, families, and a diverse group of individuals. Wholeness will take you on a transformational journey that won't leave you the same.

Concluding with a 'Wholeness Test,' Wholeness will help you track and maintain your progress while walking out your journey to your full potential.
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This book was amazing! It has awakened my spirit and took me to a place that I never knew existed in myself. I couldn’t stop listening to it. I am ready to experience wholeness and put in the work to get there! So excited to see and experience life as the new version of me. I will be listening to this audio book again and definitely recommending it to my family and friends. God Bless You Pastor Toure! ☺️

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Truthful, i love the transparency of your story. i identify with this.

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Minister C.

This book hit the spot and led me to places in my life that I needed to visit (for my good) in my pursuit of wholeness even at the age of 49. I will be listening to it again for sure. It was a blessing to me and it will be for you as well. Enjoy...

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Danielle M.

I connected with this book so much. At times it's as if he was speaking to me. It helped me moved past issues I was holding on to.

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Michael J.

Great Book, very helpful and insightful!

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