Wicked Charleston: The Dark Side of the Holy City

Written by:
Mark R. Jones
Narrated by:
Clark Cornell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
4 hours 11 minutes
Wicked Charleston: The Dark Side of the Holy City, by local resident and tour guide Mark R. Jones, explores the dark alleys and seedy characters not often associated with the Charleston of today.

A beautiful Southern city distinguished by its opulent homes, towering church steeples, and hospitality, Charleston, South Carolina, has long been associated with the genteel side of Southern living. However, beyond the outward appearances that most people associate with Charleston, there is another side that most visitors and residents would dare not believe is part of the very fabric from which the city's history was woven. From the sexual escapades of an original Lord Proprietor and the comings and goings of the most notorious pirates, to secret brothels and nightclubs, Jones leads the reader back to a time when 'drinking, eating, and whoring with more than fifty wenches' was perhaps more common in the Holy City than one may imagine.
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