The Widows' Funeral Parlour

Written by:
Johanna Nilsson
Narrated by:
Carla Mendonca
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Release Date
July 2021
9 hours 49 minutes
Three widows, with very different backgrounds, meet at a mourning support group. They all feel vulnerable and need a change - so they decide to start a funeral home together. Betty, 51, has two children and works in the deli counter at a grocery store. She suffers from severe menopausal problems, has a phobia of death and is completely broke, due to her late husband's debts. Viveka, 42 (a former priest) seems to despise everything and everyone, but has a sharp sense of humor and an even sharper brain. Eva, 74, is the mother figure of the trio, whose wisdom and warmth overcomes all obstacles. 'Death with Zest' will be the name of the funeral home, which will offer a fresh approach to death, but with no professional funeral home experience and with dark secrets bubbling under the surface, will their unexpected friendship last the course...?
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Great story but a sudden ending! Will there be another?

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Robyn C.

A strange collaboration of a number of intersecting themes with some unexpected twists. Was challenged to stay focussed as the story unfolded when so many things were going on. Enjoyed the premise. An interesting sociological exploration. A good listen if this is your thing. Too many participants for one narrator to cover.

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I thought this book will be either very heartfelt or wildly funny but it wasn’t either.

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Janeta P.

Predictable Can be shorter for the story

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Maree G.

Brilliant portrayal of all the different emotions around death and how to deal with it. Riveting

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The book didn't go anywhere, there was no solution to anything and the book just seems to end mid sentence.

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Joseph G.

Not my cup of tea.

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Kristina W.

Seriously. Don’t waste your time. Virtually all of the plot points remain unresolved and the book just ends abruptly. Not sure if it was a translation issue or what but I was very disappointed

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Louise R.

Struggled my easy through it, was just about ready to give up when it ended abruptly. I was quite relieved to be honest

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Shelli Y.

Almost quit listening to it. Waited for it to get better and it did. Unfortunately, the ending is abrupt and leaves you hanging.

The Widows' Funeral Parlour
This title is due for release on July 7, 2021.

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The Widows' Funeral Parlour
This title is due for release on July 7, 2021
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The Widows' Funeral Parlour
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The Widows' Funeral Parlour

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