Wild New World: The Epic Story of Animals and People in America

Written by:
Dan Flores
Narrated by:
Clark Cornell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
16 hours 33 minutes
In 1908, near Folsom, New Mexico, a cowboy discovered the remains of a herd of extinct giant bison. By examining flint points embedded in the bones, archeologists later determined that a band of humans had killed and butchered the animals 12,450 years ago. This discovery vastly expanded America's known human history but also revealed the long-standing danger Homo sapiens presented to the continent's evolutionary richness.

Distinguished scholar Dan Flores's ambitious history chronicles the epoch in which humans and animals have coexisted in the 'wild new world' of North America-a place shaped both by its own grand evolutionary forces and by momentous arrivals from Asia, Africa, and Europe. With portraits of iconic creatures such as mammoths, horses, wolves, and bison, Flores describes the evolution and historical ecology of North America like never before.

In thrilling narrative style, informed by genomic science, evolutionary biology, and environmental history, Flores celebrates the astonishing bestiary that arose on our continent and introduces the complex human cultures and individuals who hastened its eradication, studied America's animals, and moved heaven and earth to rescue them. Eons in scope and continental in scale, Wild New World is a sweeping yet intimate Big History of the animal-human story in America.
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Eric D.

Must read!!

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John H.

This is a fascinating, well-researched, and. narrated book. Author Flores takes us on a journey of North America from the Ice Age to the present via the geology, climate, and animals that roamed and inhabited the vast lands. But honestly, I could not finish it because of the disturbing detail of man-inducted mass animal and bird extinctions over the millennia and recent centuries. (it's a personal thing for me and - a compliment to the author - for his riveting writing). That said, I nevertheless highly recommend this book.

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An insightful look into America's pre and natural histories.

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