Written by:
Anna Durand
Narrated by:
Jason Clarke , Samantha Cook
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
13 hours 18 minutes
'They want your mind!'

Grace Powell awakened one day with no memory of the previous eight months. Now a relentless enemy hunts her but, blinded by amnesia, she has no clue why. Terrified to trust anyone, Grace has no one to turn to. Except for the sexy stranger who appears out of thin air -- literally.

David Ransom sacrificed his freedom to protect Grace, yet now he's a stranger to her. If he can't stir her memories, and the psychic power buried inside her, they may both fall prey to a deadly, invisible foe. The resurgence of their telepathic bond and the passion flaring between them gives him hope they might save each other. But will unearthing the truth about Grace's past destroy them both?

Willpower is the first book in the award-winning Psychic Crossroads series of paranormal romances.
Profile Avatar
Bette H.

An Intriguing & Thrilling Ride! Terrific Story & Narration! Willpower Psychic Crossroads, Book 1 By: Anna Durand Narrated by: Samantha Cook, Jason Clarke I thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating first book of Anna Durand’s “Psychic Crossroads” series. I loved the originality of this story, it drew me in right from the start and captivated my attention the entire book. Anna Durand is a gifted author with a wonderful writing style, she created imaginative characters and storylines and managed to keep them realistic, easy to relate to and connect with. The characters are complex and nicely developed along the way, same with the world building and its dynamics. It was easy to fall for the lead characters, Grace Powell and David Ransom once I got to know him. The descriptive details are amazing, they take you right along side the characters to experience everything they were experiencing, it was like you were inside their head. I was rooting for Grace the entire time and then David too. Without giving too much away, I loved their unique connection, who he turned out to be and why he was looking out for her. Grace had no clue why someone was after her, several someones, could it be something from her past. It had been a traumatic year for her she lost her parents, her grandfather and also suffered from amnesia. She finds herself trying to find out what was going on while running for her life. She runs in to some bad people but also gained an ally. Then she finds herself in a world of madness, her grandfather and parent’s research was taken over by a madman, one that needs to be stopped and the one who is after her. This is an intriguing paranormal romantic suspense, the action packed story is cleverly plotted with plenty of drama, angst, mystery, twists and turns, thrilling suspense and slow burn romance. It was great to watch the story unfold, see the pieces of the puzzle fall into place as Grace come in to her own, learns who she is and her capabilities. Anna Durand, thank you for this great story, I am looking forward to what happens next in Grace and David’s story, also want more of Sean, one of the secondary characters and a key player in the series. And for the fabulous narration, Samantha Cook and Jason Clarke are talented narrators and voice artists. They did an awesome job portraying the characters, humanizing them, giving each their own distinct voice and personality. The majority of the book is told in Grace’s point of view so Samantha Cook is heard the most and she is phenomenal at what she does, she played Grace with perfection, captured everyone of her emotions, as well as her strength and determination. Jason Clarke’s David is just as awesome, I am sure we will hear more of him in the next book. Both had a complete understanding of the roles they played, sounding believable in their roles and just as I pictured them to sound. They are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for the awesome listen.

This title is due for release on June 26, 2021.

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This title is due for release on June 26, 2021
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