The Wolf Mile

Written by:
C.F. Barrington
Narrated by:
David Monteath

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
11 hours 24 minutes
'Squid Game' meets 'The Hunger Games' in this thriller where modern-day recruits compete in an ancient, deadly game across the streets of Edinburgh.

Welcome to the Pantheon Games. Let the streets of Edinburgh run with blood...

The Games are the biggest underground event in the world, followed by millions online. New recruits must leave behind their twenty-first-century lives and vie for dominance in a gruelling battle to the death armed only with ancient weapons – and their wits.

Tyler Maitland and Lana Cameron have their own reasons for signing up. Now they must risk their lives and join the ranks of seven ancient warrior teams that inhabit this illicit world. Their journey will be more extraordinary and horrifying than anything they could have dreamed, testing them to breaking point.

This action-packed adventure thriller is perfect for fans of Pierce Brown's 'Red Rising', 'Battle Royale', and 'The Running Man'.

C.F. Barrington spent twenty years intending to write a novel, but found life kept getting in the way. He has worked for RSPB, Oxford University and the National Trust. Raised in Hertfordshire and educated at Oxford, he now divides his time between Fife and the Lake District.
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Ian R

Decent listen…

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Gary W.

I enjoyed the book and would like to hear the sequel because I did not like the very anticlimactic, leave them hanging, That’s It? Kind of ending. Very disappointed at that moment. No one likes “to be continued”

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Too much of a unrealistic setting to allow characters to gain depth, as everything revolves around the absurd allegiance to Palatinates

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Mediocre. Its not exactly bad, but it also wasn’t good enough to keep my attention. Ended up dropping it half way through. If you like the concept but want something good, I recommend red rising.

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Jim G.

I thought this was more Urban Fantasy but it turns out to be more of a hunger games story it was engaging and the narrator was good

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It's interesting, not great, but interesting. The narrator is great!!!

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Osman Raidhan

Good story that kept me engaged however I don't think I'm the target audience.

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Kim S.

great book

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Entertaining. I’ll listen the next installment.

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Adam M.

This took a minute to get into this book, the narrative could have a little more affect, and the story should start with an explanation. All that aside I can't stop enjoying now and will finish the series.

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