Working Whole: How To Unite Your Spiritual Beliefs And Your Work To Live Fulfilled

Working Whole: How To Unite Your Spiritual Beliefs And Your Work To Live Fulfilled

Written by:
Kourtney Whitehead
Narrated by:
Donna Allen
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
7 hours 23 minutes
“Our work should be a manifestation of who we are and what we believe.”Do you want more from work than just a paycheck or a title? Are you ready to manifest a work life rooted in joy, purpose and contentment?

Career expert Kourtney Whitehead will guide you towards a deeper level of satisfaction by connecting your spiritual beliefs with your work. In Working Whole, she shares eight principles that will free you to be inspired and joyful in your life and work callings. She advises that when we commit to living our beliefs in these eight core areas (humility, surrender, discipline, gratitude, connection, love, power and patience), we can work authentically and live fulfilled.

Drawn from her long career as a recruiter, counselor and coach and her work with everyone from new hires to seasoned executives in transition to high-achievers determining what retirement can mean for them, Kourtney shares tips and tools for handling the expectations, choices, conflicts, challenges and opportunities we face in our work life. She leads you through a transformative experience to become more creative, energized, observant, accepting of change and open-hearted.

With a warm tone and featuring informative content, exploratory exercises and actionable suggestions throughout, Working Whole provides a clear framework for making life and career decisions, both big and small, allowing you to reach your highest potential and live your most fulfilled life.
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