The Wrath of the Just

Written by:
Manel Loureiro
Narrated by:
Nick Podehl

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2014
10 hours 7 minutes
From apocalypse...

An act of terrorism unleashed an unspeakable biological weapon...and hell on earth. But as the masses felled by a hideous virus rose from the dead to prey on the living, a small band of survivors defied death and its ghastly spawn—determined to outrun the world’s end and somehow begin again.

To Armageddon...

But beyond the undead-besieged shores of Europe lies something closer to damnation than salvation. Rescued from certain death at sea, a young Spanish lawyer, the beautiful woman he loves, and his brash, battle-hardened best friend—who have weathered the worst of the unnatural disaster—think they’re escaping to freedom but are delivered into a stronghold of hate. In a United States ravaged by a zombie plague and overrun by the undead, only Gulfport, Mississippi, offers sanctuary...for a price: subservience to a fascist dictator and his brutal enforcers. But their reign of terror will soon be challenged—by rebels hungry for vengeance and invaders bent on conquest.
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Emily L.

Have listened to this whole series at least 5 times over. LOVE!

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Great book with interesting narrator!

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Linda R.

Loved this series and was sad when it ended. He is an awesome writer- makes the story seem real. You really get into his characters like you have known them for ever. Where he gave the main character an education and knowledge of medical matters ( Mom was a Dr.) he mostly used this character to explain all the medical stuff that was introduced in the story. Definitely an adult series because of racism ,fowl language, sexual scene in the last book. This isn’t just another Zombie book but it gets heavily into how people view each other. The original books were written in Spanish and translated to English. The narrator was just perfect for these books. His many accents really made the story come to live. I loved this series and will probably listen to it again. I highly recommend it.

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As a great fan of zombiebooks, I loved it!

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Marchell I.

Enjoyed ending

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Michelle M.

Love ❤️ . Must have for zombie collection

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