Wyllard's Weird

Narrated by:
Lynne Thompson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2016
17 hours 21 minutes
A novel written in three volumes. In the golden age of steam, the London train wends its way across the Tamar into the strange and mystic land that is Cornwall, having left most of its length at Plymouth. A weary doctor gazes at the countryside, when the train grinds to a halt and his professional attention is demanded. A young woman. An apparent suicide. Who was she? What brought her to Cornwall? What drove her to kill herself? Or did she? - Summary by Lynne Thompson
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Mary Richter

I loved this enough to go looking for more Braddon books immediately. All three volumes are here.

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Excellent old world novel with superb narrative.

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Interesting mystery story. Long and drawn out, predictable, unrealistic, and over-romanticised story, but still charming, poetic, and full of superior language and vocabulary - a product of it's time. If you like old books then you'll probably enjoy this one

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One of the best who dunnits that I have read in a long while. Well written and keeps you engaged throughout a new favourite author.

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Great story!!! More of a love mystery. Love this narrator.

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Cynthia Becht

This "sensation genre" novel was a great find and will appeal to readers who love British crime dramas/Masterpiece Mystery type storytelling. Multiple murders, deeply interwoven relationships between two respectable families, romance, scandals, procedural detective work and a genteel sociopath -- good stuff! Braddon's style is easy on the ear; her psychological insights are both very Victorian and timeless. I enjoy Lynne Thompson's no-nonsense narration style. Am definitely hooked on Mary Elizabeth Brandon now.

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