Yoga for Real Life

Written by:
Maya Fiennes
Narrated by:
Shanti Fiennes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
4 hours 1 minute
Yoga for Real Life is one of the most successful yoga books of the past decade. Maya Fiennes has done for yoga what Nigella Lawson did for food.
Maya Fiennes believes passionately that yoga can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old. Her unique style of yoga and meditation for modern living is based on Kundalini yoga, which works on inner energy centres ('Chakras'), combining poses, breathing, chanting and meditation for a full mind-body workout. Both deeply enjoyable and uplifting, it has made her one of the most in-demand yoga instructors in the world.
Whether you're fit and flexible or haven't sat cross-legged since childhood, Yoga for Real Life is an easy to use guide, packed full of yoga advice and insights designed to give the listener the confidence to deal with life's everyday challenges - and really make a positive change. From de-stressing and dealing with matters of the heart, to unlocking creative potential and coping with children, families and aging.
“Doing yoga with Maya is inspirational, energizing, sexy, and it gives me joy.' ELLE MACPHERSON
'The Nigella for relaxation.' SUNDAY TIMES
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