You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows

You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows

Written by:
Piper Rayne
Narrated by:
Callie Dalton , Joe Arden
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
6 hours 23 minutes
Lee f’ing Burrows

The Kingsmen’s star quarterback.

Legendary throwing arm.

Six-pack abs.

Kissable lips.

Oh, but don’t forget, he’s also a lying, heartless egomaniac who broke my heart in college.

It took me years to build myself back up after his deceit, and now I have the dream opportunity to prove myself working as a sports therapist for a professional team.

The hurdle? Or mountain to be more accurate…

The job is with the San Francisco Kingsmen.

Back when I was a naïve college girl, I felt lucky that he even noticed me. Now eight years later, he’d be lucky if I gave him the time of day.

Which I won’t. Not ever.

Some people don’t deserve a second chance and Lee Burrows is one of them.

Now if someone could only tell him that because he’s hell-bent on scoring the winning touchdown and won’t accept that it’s game over for us.
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Kristin Lira

What an entertaining story! It helped to better understand Lee and Shayna by reading the prequel False Start. I enjoyed this second chance, sports romance. Their chemistry had sparks flying each time they were in the same room. Great connection between them and I enjoyed their journey. I can’t wait for the next book! Joe Arden and Callie Dalton did a wonderful job bringing the characters to life.

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Cmbs Z.

cute and nice story. I liked it a lot

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Loved the story! I was looking for something to listen to while on vacation and this was perfect….could not stop listening!

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Tori W.

Audio Review Lee and Shayna met in college had a relationship until he broke her heart and his own in the process. Years later, she is the trainer for his pro team. He wants nothing more than to make amends and move forward. She wants to keep him at arms length. Will he get through to her and will she forgive him or reject any time of relationship. Good book and Joe Arden does a great job narrating but then again I am bias. 4.5 stars. Callie is a bit for me to get used to, I have one heard her on one other book.

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Absolutely LOVED this story and this team! It’s fun and sassy and the chemistry is off the charts! ‘It’s just like I remember—all-consuming, fiery, and explosive.’ I loved the prequel of this story and seeing them them get their happily ever after was so worth it! Shayna makes Lee work for it and it’s absolutely delicious! Seriously cannot wait for the rest of the series!

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Cierra H.

4 - 4.25 Shy Pie Stars! After having listened to the False Start audiobook i couldn't wait to jump into this next audiobook and get more of these characters! I started listening to it as soon as i could and got right back into the Kingsmen Football Stars world! I enjoyed this listen oh so very much! Joe Arden and Callie Dalton are back as Lee and Shayna! Whenever i get to listen to more of these two and their narration i get so happy! I loved the way both Joe and Callie pulled me right back into this world with their narrating! Joe as Lee and Callie as Shayna were so fantastic! They both captured the pain, the heat and want, the emotion, and entertaining of moments with their narration so wonderfully. Lee and Shayna's journey once again pulled me in! Getting to experience their story in this new way through this audiobook was so fun for me! Becoming a sports therapist for the San Francisco Kingsmen Football team should be easy, but not so much when the man from your past is the quarterback for the team. Can Lee and Shayna let go of everything that's happened between them? Or can them reconnecting prove to be a touchdown for their hearts? I loved the way i fell even more for Lee and Shayna this time around. Once again, these two had me going through all kinds of emotions from start to finish with this listen! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see Lee and Shayna tackle everything between them. Their chemistry was all kinds of steamy and undeniable. I was glad that i got to dig into both of their minds and get everything they were feeling. Opening your heart and taking chances aren't easy, which Lee and Shayna's journey sure showed! It was awesome being back in the Kingsmen Football Stars world! I'm excited to get more of it! With You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrows, The Piper Rayne duo have created such a good story with such feels that you won't want to stop listening to! Joe and Callie rocked it once again with their narration! I can't wait for the second installment audiobook in this series, You Can't Kiss the Nanny, Brady Banks!

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First I highly recommended you start with the prequal book “False Start”. It’s your chance to see what actually happened between the two love birds that will be the tension point in the story. Plus it’s supper short but still well done. Onto this book. It was fantastic. Fun, spicy enemies to lovers that did a great job holding my interest and making me not only invested in the main characters stories, but also really excited for the other books to come in the series. Lee made a HUGE mistake when they were in college (again be sure to read the prequel False Start before this book.) and now he finds the girl he wronged is now working for the pro football team he plays for. Let the madness begin. The story was fun, spicy and a joy to explore. Would definitely recommend to all fans of sports romance. It a good story with a great cast of characters that I am so excited to see more of in future books.

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Cheryl B.

You Had Your Chance, Lee Burrrows, an Audiobook by Piper Rayne is the story of Lee and Shayna. While this story is a standalone, the reader would be remiss not to read the prequel first!!! It really sets the stage for this story!! Lee is the new starting quarterback for the Kingsmen professional football team. He knew Shayna previously…and now discovers that she is the new Strength Training coach. Now….let the games begin!!! These two verbally spar with one another like pros!!! They fight the attraction they still have for each other…while she struggles to maintain her position with he team! Very enjoyable story!!! This Audiobook was narrated by Joe Arden and Callie Dalton. They do a beautiful, seamless job of performing this story…and bringing out the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the characters!! Wonderful performances!! I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this Audiobook.

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Stacey g

his is my audiobook review for You’d had your chance Lee Burrows. I love the voice of Callie Dalton, and Joe Arden! Hey both captured both of these characters to the T. Actually, I usually hear Callie a Dalton in books with sassy heroine. There is a prelude story of Lee Burrows and Shayna in college, a brief encounter that shaped their relationship or lack of relationship now. Shayna was shy then, keeping herself book ready for her classes amd Lee Burrows the #1 quarterback for his university team needs help in order to play his senior year. But a bet was made between him and his friends/ teammates. Fast forward now.. Alex still remembers the one that got away and how badly he treated her. Tried to make a memes back then but Shayna didn’t give him the chance. Now playing for the San Fran NFL team he gets his 2nd chance. S the new season is about to start and low and below who is now the new physical trainer. But will she give him the opportuntity? Nay nay, she learned her lesson back then and doesn5 want to trust him. But he is determined to get her to listen or just know he isn’t the same person back then. The banter between Shayna and Lee is witty with a lot of sassy and no bs. Loved listening to this. When I listen to Callie Dalton I listen fondly and want to listen to her other readings. Highly recommend.

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Candice B.

I am a huge audiobook fan. I try not to be too snobby about them, but there’s something about a perfectly narrated audiobook that makes it a zillion times better than reading the actual print copy. This is a good example of that. Lee Burrows is the star quarterback of the San Francisco Kingsmen. When he finds out that he has a history with the team’s new trainer, he immediately starts trying to figure out how to rekindle their old flame. Shayna Kudrow was irreparably hurt by Lee 8 years ago while they were in college. She vows that no matter what he does, she will not repeat the same mistake again. Although the team has a strict policy against players dating staff members, Lee’s determination and charm makes it hard for Shayna to say no to the first boy she ever loved. This is actually a trope that doesn’t get enough love. The whole trainer/athlete thing is always filled with lots of yummy tension, and this book has all of that! The narrators fit the parts perfectly. It’s also duet narration, which makes every audiobook a million times better. I really enjoyed this one!! I also recommend listening to the prequel, False Start to understand the backstory between Lee and Shayna.

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Crystal F.

I do love a good sports romance and this book did not disappoint! It is book one in a new series of interconnected stand-alones. I do recommend reading the prequel as it provides great insight to the past drama between Lee and Shayna but it is not required to enjoy this book. I listened to the audiobook and the banter between our FMC and MMC is so enjoyable and adds the perfect amount of feistiness to this second chance, workplace romance. The narration was perfect and made the story so much fun I devoured it (and the prequel) in one day.

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