The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women: A Portable Life Coach for Creative Women

Written by:
Gail McMeekin
Narrated by:
Susan Boyce

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2012
10 hours 9 minutes
Popular creative coach Gail McMeekin, offers a wealth of advice for the specific challenges creative women face today: thinking too small, underestimating the need for change, fearing the future, and lacking self-confidence. McMeekin combines interviews with some of today's most successful women and her own proven success strategies to help readers transcend their 'blocks' and achieve success. Women will discover how to: dismantle limiting beliefs; take positive, calculated risks; make career changes fueled by passion and purpose; and 'Filter and Focus' to give their creative ideas time and space to evolve. As in her previous book, The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women offers hundreds of examples of how creative women entrepreneurs and business leaders have used these strategies for success. This is an inspiring book for women that shows what's possible when you follow your heart and honor your gifts.
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