4 Short Horror Stories

Narrated by:
Robin Mcconnell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
2 hours 20 minutes
4 Short Horror Stories
Story 1: The Bogey Hole
On the Marston Estate, there is a small door. Little more than a normal shed attached to a normal council house on a normal estate. But the door isn't normal. Because it isn't just a door. This door, with its peeled green paint and peephole half way up, leads to The Bogey Hole and the thing that local children say, still lives and feeds, behind it.
Story 2: Birthday Girl
'Every single person you see here has three things in common. Firstly, they’re all dead. Secondly, they all died on my Birthday, April 14th and finally, they all died on April 14th, because I killed them.”
When one of elderly residents of Malbrooke Grove Retirement Home receives a mysterious blank Birthday card in the mail, her carer is surprised and shocked by her violent reaction. It is only the following day when Doris begins to explain the supernatural, spiteful and deadly implications of that particular date, that her carer finally begins to see the terrifying reason why.
Story 3: Tapping On Glass
Late at night, alone in his apartment a young man hears the tapping on glass.
How, he thinks, could someone be at the window, when he lives on the eleventh floor?
How could that tapping, soft and deliberate, still be coming late at night and how could his dog simply disappear, from a room in which the doors and windows were all securely locked?
Tapping on glass is a tale of horror, urban myths, twice told tales and of the awful truths that often lurk, not so far behind them.
Story 4: Shades Of Autumn
When artist Julian begins to turn green, his friends assume its something to do with the paint he is using. If not that, then perhaps stress, since he always reacts badly whenever a new show approaches and deadlines loom large.
As time goes on however, Julian's friends come to realise that this year, the changing of the seasons will have far stranger and far darker effect upon him.
Shades Of Autumn is a tale of desperation, horror, and nature at
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