The 6:20 Man: A Thriller

Written by:
David Baldacci

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
11 hours 48 minutes
A cryptic murder pulls a former soldier turned financial analyst deep into the corruption and menace that prowl beneath the opulent world of finance, in #1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci’s new thriller.

Every day without fail, Travis Devine puts on a cheap suit, grabs his faux-leather briefcase, and boards the 6:20 commuter train to Manhattan, where he works as an entry-level analyst at the city’s most prestigious investment firm. In the mornings, he gazes out the train window at the lavish homes of the uberwealthy, dreaming about joining their ranks. In the evenings, he listens to the fiscal news on his phone, already preparing for the next grueling day in the cutthroat realm of finance. Then one morning Devine’s tedious routine is shattered by an anonymous email: She is dead. 

Sara Ewes, Devine’s coworker and former girlfriend, has been found hanging in a storage room of his office building—presumably a suicide, at least for now—prompting the NYPD to come calling on him. If that wasn’t enough, before the day is out, Devine receives another ominous visit, a confrontation that threatens to dredge up grim secrets from his past in the army unless he participates in a clandestine investigation into his firm. This treacherous role will take him from the impossibly glittering lives he once saw only through a train window, to the darkest corners of the country’s economic halls of power . . . where something rotten lurks. And apart from this high-stakes conspiracy, there’s a killer out there with their own agenda, and Devine is the bull’s-eye.
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Stacey H.

This was my first book by this Author. I would give it a B. The story moved along nicely. The narrators were fairly good. But this character needs more development. Based upon his past, this man should be a bad ass genius. But there were several decisions he makes in this book that really makes him look incompetent. If the author continues this series with Divine, I will definitely try the 2nd one. But if he fails to develop him further, I’ll be done.

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Really a great book with a fabulous narrator. Many times throughout, the author throws a surprise twist in that I didn't anticipate... which is rare in my experience! Seems like most stories are so predictable so this was a great experience.

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His best book in a long time...loved the characters....hope to be haring more about Devine...

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William Troyk

Great book. One of his best

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Sally M.

Loved it, kept me guessing (and listening!) despite some gaps in credibility. Good narration, added to the experience of the book

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Chris D.

I enjoyed listening to this book.

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Amber N.

I like the character build up and how it throws curveballs the whole time until the very end. I was constantly questioning “who done it?” I like the transitions between narrators and characters. Helps keep things separate in my mind. Overall very enjoyable thriller mystery!

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I don’t like being able to figure out things way before hand. Is he that gullible or stupid that all his roommates have or need something from him?

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Lauralee I.

great story! Lots of twists and turns!! I really enjoyed it.

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Good book I haven’t read any other of the authors books before but will definitely read more of them in future

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Jennifer G.

It was a ridiculous far fetched ending. So disappointing.

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The narrators were great. The plot twists were unexpected

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Linda B.

Great book with a fantastic narrator!

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Elizabeth L.

First time to read this author. So much interesting detail in the story. Great narrator.

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Sherry Palmer


The 6:20 Man: A Thriller
This title is due for release on July 12, 2022.

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The 6:20 Man: A Thriller
This title is due for release on July 12, 2022
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The 6:20 Man: A Thriller
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The 6:20 Man: A Thriller

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