Written by:
Kimberly Thomas
Narrated by:
Emma Faye

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
5 hours 32 minutes
Marg's life has always been filled with disappointment and failure. A failed marriage, a mother who always compared her to her perfect sister, then having unfulfilled desires that has her packing up and leaving everything and everyone behind.

When she arrives in Oak Harbor, everything is wonderful in this quiet coastal town. Marg finally feels happy, but one thing is certain-your past always catches up with you. When Marg's grandmother dies, it opens the door to the things that Marg has worked so hard to lock away, but they ultimately come flooding back into her perfectly sculpted world. Her mother arrives with a plan to sell the home she's become so attached to and hoarding a secret that could destroy the very fabric of her existence.

In comes the Hamilton sisters and a love interest that want to teach Marg the true meaning of love, friendship, and forgiveness. But is it enough? Will Marg be able to handle the truth? Or will it completely shatter her world?
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