The Admirer's Secret: A twisty romantic psychological thriller

The Admirer's Secret: A twisty romantic psychological thriller

Written by:
Pamela Crane
Narrated by:
Melanie Carey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2019
8 hours 28 minutes
From friends ... to lovers ... to murder.Haley Montgomery is chasing a dream she can’t quite catch, to become a successful screenwriter. She’d do anything to escape her family’s failing vineyard and unrequited love for her best friend Marc. Then the opportunity of a lifetime comes to her small town as renowned film producer Allen Michaels offers her a ticket to a better future…but not without a cost.

It can’t be coincidence that as Haley begins working with Allen she starts receiving strange threats. It can’t be fate that Marc at last wants something more when she’s already got one foot out the door. And it can’t be safe when Haley uncovers a bone-chilling secret about why Allen showed up in her obscure town.

When a body is found buried in Marc’s backyard, Haley doesn’t know who to believe anymore. Allen claims Marc is dangerous. Marc claims he’s been framed. All she knows is that no one can be trusted, especially not her own heart. Haley thought she was chasing a dream, but now she’s running from a nightmare.

A gripping romantic thriller from a USA Today bestseller, perfect for fans of Verity by Colleen Hoover and The Silent Patient.
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