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Aftershock: The Next Economy and America's Future

Written by:
Robert B. Reich
Narrated by:
Robert B. Reich

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2010
9 hours 3 minutes
The author of 12 acclaimed books, Robert B. Reich is a Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, and has served in three national administrations. While many blamed Wall Street for the financial meltdown, Aftershock points a finger at a national economy in which wealth is increasingly concentrated at the top-and where a grasping middle class simply does not have the resources to remain viable.
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William T.

Important analysis.

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Patricia L.

I like Reichs economic analysis . He always seems to be able to predict political tres. The book is accurate to the world I see around me, and I’m angry and frightened of what is to come.

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Bobby D.

Compelling perspective on how a fairer economy would benefit all.

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Robert M.

I was only able to listen for a couple of chapters before I found myself yelling back at my radio. The snarky narration by the author didn’t help. He uses mega billionaires as his case for wealth redistribution of which there are relatively few—I am always suspicious when an argument needs to use the extreme examples to make their point. Taking all the wealth from the affluent and giving it to the “under-served” would revert to the same situation in a few years. Those who can, do and when you take away the financial incentives-they no longer will. Do-gooder people of Robert B Reich persuasion always want to do good with other peoples money.

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Sheldon D.

The book makes a number of insightful statements that connect the dots, so to speak. It is not the only book that is shedding light to the problems with the US system and the increasing problems with wealth and power concentration, but it does a great job at explaining the progression of how we got to the where we are and the slow deterioration of the middle class. And, as importantly, how to fix it. It is not an easy task to change the things that need to happen when we grew up with, and are living with, an ideology that has so many shortcomings. I could so relate to the things that influenced my young adulthood and life as an entrepreneur. I have been struggling with the question ‘when is enough,enough?’ This book does a great job to, among other things, explain the problems with excess and the negative impacts on society. Thank you Robert!

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